Welcome Postcard Collectors!

Welcome to the new Shiloh Postcards Bog where you will be able to read and learn about the social history of the world as seen through the images found on postcards.  If you wish to register on this site you will be able to leave comments after each article.  Comments are held, pending moderation, before they show up on the site.  We do this to control spam on the site. This can take hours or even days as time permits. (Remember it’s just me and I have three active internet selling venues, a bookstore, and oh did I mention a small farm….so life is often hectic).  While I am a professional, I am also one busy woman.

Articles will be presented in no special order.  As I find a subject that strikes my interest, I will research it and post information I think you might enjoy.  I’ve got hundreds of ideas running through my head even as I type this.  Happy Collecting,  Vickie.


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