Who are we?

Shiloh Postcards is a family run business managed by Vickie Leach Prater.  The Leach family has been collection postcards for over a century and started  actively buying and selling cards in the late 1970’s.   In 1988 Vickie married and moved from Macon to Tiger, Georgia.  Vickie and her husband George own a bookstore in downtown Clayton and Vickie now runs the postcard company strictly from the internet.

 How can I purchase cards from Shiloh?

Shiloh now offers three web based places from which to purchase cards.  This site is our Premier website where we will primarily list rarer cards which we consider to be investment grade.  As such, most of the cards offered here will be higher priced cards.  We also have an older site at Shilohpostcards.net where we list cards from all price ranges and also offer bulk lots, here you will find.  We also sell on eBay using both the auction format and we have an eBay Store.  On eBay we offer all types of cards but focus mainly on view cards and the most popular topics.  You can also purchase cards from another eBay Store under name farmergeorge3157 which is run separately by George Prater (George is Vickie’s husband and he’s been selling cards for over 10 years under his own account).

 Do you sell reproductions?

NO, we do not sell reproductions, reprints or copies.  All of our cards are original antiques.  Most of the cards offered on this site have been in our bank vault for over 25 years.  These are cards we held back from offering on eBay or our other websites until we could do them justice.  Now we will attempt to do just that.

 How do I sell postcards I already own?

First thing I recommend is doing an internet search to see if there is a postcard club near you and find out if they are having a show near where you live.  If this is not possible then you can do a lot of investigating on your own to help determine if your cards are worth shipping to a dealer for a quote.  I suggest going on eBay and searching for cards that match yours. Remember those prices are retail and a dealer can only pay you a fraction of those prices.  If you determine your cards are worth the shipping cost for evaluation, I suggest you email  Michael Leach at World Wide Postcards, in Macon Georgia.  You can check out his eBay feedback here as well as the huge inventory of cards he has listed there.

 Can I copy and use images from your site?

If you want to use an image from any of the Shiloh websites, you need to purchase the postcard.  Once you own the card you can use it within the constraints of copyright laws regarding the original artist/publisher.

 Can I link to your “Brief History of Postcards” or other articles?

Yes,  the world of postcard collecting is so much fun, educational, and investment friendly that we love sharing information with all who are interested.

What are my shipping options?

I ship everything through the USPS using the fastest, safest, and most economically feasible methods.  Methods range from First class, Priority to Registered mail.  While we ship to most countries, we reserve the right to reject an order from countries where postal service is not dependable or insurance is not available.  We use flat rates which are $5.00 for the US, Canada and Mexico.  All other countries the rate is $10.00.  If our shipping cost goes above that flat rate, which is most often does, we pay the difference.  Whenever possible we insure the cards, when it’s not possible due to USPS restrictions, we purchase a certificate of mailing as proof the package was sent.

 Do you have a physical location we can visit?

Yes and No.  We have a bookstore, Prater’s Main Street Books, in downtown Clayton Georgia.  If you wanted to purchase cards and pick them up in person or if you wanted to inspect high priced cards before purchasing you could arrange to visit us.  All our cards  listed on this site are stored in a bank safe deposit box. So prior arrangements would have to be made to see cards during banking hours.

 Do you offer any guarantees?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We make ever effort to note any flaws in each card’s descriptions as well as provide excellent images.  Still, we are not perfect, if we miss a problem in the description we will be offer a refund.  Let us know of any issues and we will be very happy to work with you to resolve them so as to keep you a happy frequent customer.

 How fast can I expect to get my cards?

Transit times are controlled by USPS  and in the case of  international shipping, international postal services and customs.  We will notify you as soon as your cards are shipped.   Generally we require two to three business days processing in order to get to the bank to retrieve cards, package and mail them.  RARELY it takes longer if we have to be out of town, but if that is ever the case we will notify you of the delay as quickly as possible.  We take pride in shipping fast and most packages arrive in about a week; however, international mail can often take a couple of weeks or more.  Our cards all have delivery confirmation but not necessarily tracking info.