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Investment quality postcards are cards whose scarcity, historical significance, beauty and condition will cause their prices to rise significantly over time.  In the past it was hard for such cards to be found and purchased by individual collectors but thanks to the internet the entire world is the new marketplace.

We have have been in the postcard business since 1980 and selling cards via the web since 1998. You can view our eBay feedback rating at our  Ebay Auctions where you will find many other cards offered.  

Shiloh Postcards is owned and operated by Vickie Leach Prater.  Vickie is the author of two localized postcard image books on Macon, Georgia and Rabun County, Georgia.  Both of these books can be purchased online through our eBay store and we will gladly sign them for you.

If you are new to Deltiology (postcard collecting), you will find our Brief History of Postcards a good starting place to learn more.